Copyright and a Monkey “SELFIE”

Complicated Copyright? Imagine this: a man is on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi taking photos of crested black macaques, when one of the monkeys takes the man’s camera and snaps a couple hundred photos. This isn’t the start of a bad joke or a fictional scenario; rather, it is the humorous start to what has become […]

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Government Contracts Buzz

Are Government Contracts Worth the Hype? This week brought with it two notable news stories in the world of government contracts and procurement.  The first ties into an ongoing international tax law issue and the second involves labor laws.  What are these news stories?  Will they impact your current or future business?  Only one way to find […]

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Bid protests government procurement

Federal Bid Protests-2014 Update

Which Bid Protests Made the News? Bid protests are formal challenges to either the government’s solicitation of a contract for goods or services or the award or proposed award of the contract to a company.  They are a common occurrence in the world of government procurement and contracting; thousands of federal bid protests are filed […]

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Government Contracting

Government Contracting: Lucrative and Complex

Is Government Contracting Easy Money? A simple scan of the news on any given day reveals that government contracting can be a lucrative business.  “Cray Scores $174M Supercomputer Contract From NNSA,” “DHS Awards $190 Million Contract to Background Check Firm,” and “CGI Federal selected as prime contractor for 10-year, multi-billion dollar GSA OASIS contract” are just a […]

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HIPAA Compliance

Impacts of HIPAA

Staying HIPAA Compliant Virtually all individuals and business are impacted in some way by HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, whether as healthcare consumers, technology developers, or providers of health services.  The Act is most known for its privacy regulations and HIPAA compliance [link to Whitcomb healthcare page once up] is an important […]

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Health Care Arbitration

Arbitration and Healthcare Claims

Should I take my healthcare claims to arbitration A recent Pennsylvania appellate case permitted a nursing home facility to arbitrate the negligence healthcare claims against it.  Alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which includes arbitration, has risen as a strong alternative to the court system.  The healthcare attorneys at Whitcomb Law, P.C. understand its relationship to the […]

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medicare penalties

Medicare Penalties Hospitals Face

How to protect your medical facility from hefty Medicare Penalties A recent healthcare news article out of North Carolina highlighted hefty Medicare penalties that local hospitals may be facing.   Though the article only discusses local institutions, the issues illuminated are faced by hospitals across the country as the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act continues. Hospitals […]

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