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LGBT Discrimination

Executive Order Prohibits Government Contractors From LGBT Discrimination

What hiring practices, including LGBT discrimination, are now banned for federal government contractors? Obama made headlines recently when he issued an executive order banning discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals by federal employees and contractors.  Before signing the order, Obama succinctly summarized his rationale stating “[a]merica’s federal contracts should not subsidize discrimination […]

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International Trademark Law

How International Trademark Laws Kept The “Apple Watch” Secret

Can international trademark laws keep your branding secrets? Over the past few months there have been many rumors and much speculation about Apple’s new product releases.  Two of those rumors, that new iPhones would include a much larger screen and the Apple would be launching a smart watch, turned out to be true.  September 9th […]

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international trade and lobsters

Maine, International Trade, and Lobster

What do Maine, International Trade, and Lobster have in common? When one thinks of Maine, a few things come to mind: fresh lobster, cold winters, its beautiful coastline bordering the Atlantic Ocean.  Next on the list: international trade?  While it’s not currently the first thing to pop into the mind when thinking about Maine, that […]

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small-business set aside

Promotions Small Business Set-Aside Bid Protest Punted

Why file a small business set-aside bid protest? Military pilots wear gloves.  The government supplies those gloves.  The gloves must come from somewhere. This week, the Government Accountability Office (“GAO”) decided a bid protest issue about where those gloves come from.  Promotions Plus filed a bid protest when the Defense Logistics Agency’s (“DLA”) awarded a […]

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protecting media rights for broadcasters

Can Broadcasters Protect Their Media Rights in their Broadcasts?

What media rights, if any, are associated with broadcasts? Fans of football, soccer, tennis, and even enthusiasts of the Olympic Games can all now enjoy listening and sharing in the excitement of these games through advanced broadcast technology.  Advances in the communications technologies such as cable, broadband, direct TV, mobile internet and satellite have transformed […]

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trademark pirates

Using the Lanham Act to Make International Trademark Pirates Walk the Plank

Don’t let trademark pirates ruin your brand? In prior blog posts, we’ve talked about trademark pirates, sometimes referred to as trademark squatters, who are individuals or businesses registering trademarks in a country for the sole purpose of later selling the trademark at a premium. For example, a company in China may see that Trader Joe’s has become a popular […]

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