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Is Your LLC’s Operating Agreement Protecting You

Unanimous Consent Language and Other Requirements In the past two years, several applicants for inclusion in the VIP database have received denial letters from the CVE, because of wording in their operating agreement.  The most common reason for denial is language requiring unanimous consent to amend the agreement itself or to add members to the LLC.  The VA’s OSDBU posts […]

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Kingdomware Technologies

Kingdomware Technologies v. United States Pulled off SCOTUS Calendar

Kingdomware Technologies v. United States The U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) was scheduled to hear oral arguments on Kingdomware Technologies v. United States on September 9 in a case involving whether the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) must prioritize service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses (“SDVOSBs”) when it buys supplies and services. The case has been withdrawn from the […]

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Colorado Congressman Coffman Co-sponsors SDVOSB Verification Bill

HR 3945-Another Attempt to Revamp the SDVOSB Verification Process The SDVOSB verification process can be tricky.  On November 5, 2015, Representative Mike Coffman, along with five co-sponsors introduced HR 3945, titled Improving Opportunities for Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses Act of 2015.  While the text of the bill was not available at the time of this […]

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Vetbiz VIP database access denied

CVE Denies CS-360’s Access to VetBiz VIP Database

Déjà Vu All over Again In 2012 the US District Court for the District of Columbia remanded CS-360, LLC’s case back to the Department of Veterans Affairs “for further consideration and exclamation of its decision to deny Plaintiffs application” for registration in the VetBiz VIP database.  Upon reconsideration, the VA once again denied CS-360’s application […]

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rule of two

Veterans Have to Play to Get Paid-The Rule of Two

By Dan McAuliffe Satisfying the Rule of Two The Veteran’s Administration (VA) is a frequent target for criticism.  However, veterans themselves are responsible for some of that criticism because they fail to participate in programs designed to benefit them. For example in the case of VA procurements where veterans mistakenly assume there will be set-asides […]

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determination of non-responsibility

Latvian Wins Bid Protest Against FedBid for Determination of Non-Responsibility

Fed-Bids Determination of Non-Responsibility Kevin Barnes, the service connected veteran owner of Latvian Connections, filed a pro se pre-award bid protest with the GAO against FedBid, Inc.  FedBid, was acting as an agent for the Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey, in a reverse auction platform and had suspended Latvian, because Latvian had  in […]

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SBA bid protest

SBA Bid Protest: Two Classes of Stock and SDVOSB Eligibility

The SBA Bid Protest- No Good Deed Goes Unpunished The SBA bid protest in question arose out of a Department of State request for proposals for an aviation program support service.  The contract was a SDVOSB set aside and Precise Systems Inc. was the apparent winner.  Four companies All Points Logistics, LLC; AMPS, LLC; B3 […]

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CVE determination

USCOFC Overturns CVE Determination Revoking SDVOSB Status

Should you protest a CVE determination with the U.S. Court of Federal Claims? A negative CVE determination can be devastating to your company.  On October 10, 2014, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims granted construction company Ambuild’s summary judgment motion in its protest against the CVE and the VA’s OSBDU.  According to the case Ambuild Co. […]

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small business set-aside

Opportunities For Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses

What Does Owning an SDVOSB (Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business) Do for Me? If you are service-disabled owner of a small business (“SDVOSB”), you may have unique contracting opportunities with the federal government. According to Executive Order 13360, at least 3% of all federal agencies’ contracting dollars must go toward businesses that are service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses. […]

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